Thesis Brainstorming.

I’ve been meaning to make a brainstorming wall in my house… as with all my other house projects it hasn’t really gotten further than my mind. If only thinking could build things… sadly some people believe this is true. Anyway..

Until then I will just start a brainstorming “list” or random snippets of thoughts I find I could delve into for a significant amount of time.

1. Making sustainability more attainable to the general public (a bit of adult education)
2. Technology addiction. (not sure yet where this would go but I myself have a technology addiction)
3. Architecture… Industrial Design… Sustainability… Make the connection (personal need)
4. Food? All the rage. I love it, but are there already enough people focusing on this? Food packaging?
5. EDIT 09-13-2010 DELETED
6. EDIT 09-13-2010 ADDED Connecting with Emergent Structures. How to change people’s perceptions of what is waste and what has the possibility for a second life.

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