Father Ben.

Thursday, September 23 · 6:00pm -7:00pm
“Father Ben Dallas will be presenting on Authenticity and its importance when presenting yourself to potential employers and presenting a design or idea to a client.”

Father Ben explained that we cannot achieve authenticity without first knowing:
1. God or the Universal Truth (all that is true and original)
2. other people
3. yourself
4. material world and ideas

He explained that design first and foremost needs to be for other people to use and enjoy and that it isn’t about you and what you want. In my experience Design is often a self-centered practice. Designers with god complexes and assumptions that if they create it of course people will like it and if they don’t it’s simply because they don’t understand.

Even after the lecture people discussing amongst themselves were just concerned that if they think only of other people they won’t make any money. This wasn’t the point at all. It is unfortunate the world does require money and that money is the same thing as power (as I am becoming even more aware of through my class Global Cultural Theory). Obviously I can’t say I don’t want to make money, I have to make money. We all do. Now more than ever to pay off numerous student loans. The point I’m trying to make is that if all we focus on is how to make money then we are missing the bigger picture of Design. Design is and should be about solving problems, not creating more problems and not focusing on our personal wants and desires. (everyone might not agree with this statement, but I wish this to be my statement and my motivation)

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