Sustainability Summit . Day 1.

A great first evening of networking and sometimes it really is a small world.

An inspiring opening speech and presentation from James Timberlake. I would love to work at his office. A great design firm making a huge impact and pushing the industry (and world) into the future. The correct type of future. I feel honored, intimidated and hopeful of the inspiring individuals here. I am hopeful of a positive future full of possibilities.

I also love the fact the conference is occurring at the Four Seasons in Atlanta and my hotel room overlooks the site of Pickard Chilton’s 1180 Peachtree building. I have yet to see my own creation in Chicago, but somehow getting to be close to this building is meaningful. I was honored to talk with John Syvertson from OWPP/Cannon Design in Chicago, Illinois. He said he is able to see the 300 N. LaSalle building from his office. He said he loved the building and that the lobby is beautiful.


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