Sustainability Summit . Day 2.

I love how the world can feel so connected at events such as this. This morning at breakfast I met Clark Davis from HOK, who knows Bill Chilton. Johnathan Bahe said he just talked to Bill and he was scheduled to be at the summit but was unable to make it due to traveling.

The closing speaker at dinner was the highlight of the day, Scott Harrison founder of charity:water. What a great story and a great model for a charity. Everyone can expect me to be “giving up my next birthday” to the organization to raise money. Should be a great way to turn the big 3-0.

Our table of “kids” also had some great discussions during dinner about our ability to influence simply through example rather than persuasion. I also found another small world connection through Pierluigi Montanini. His wife is from Oklahoma (Clinton) and he actually used to live in El Reno (where my parents moved over a year ago and my cousins have lived for most of their lives). He also knows Stillwater and a few of my professors.


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