Design Ethos.

What an exhausting, inspiring and motivating week this has been. Unfortunately I got back from the Sustainability Summit too late to hear the first keynote speaker, Cameron Tonkinwise, but thankfully I got a chance to speak with him one-on-one Saturday after going to lunch with him and a few other speakers including William Drenttel and Cheryl Heller.

realized there are about 8 million books I still need to read
systemic versus system
we need to figure out how to UNdesign things (design things out of existence)
Project M = community responsibility and involvement can work
we have too many impermanent objects created out of permanent materials
place versus lack of place
we live in our heads too much
“go green” is known; “social change” is not
“do what you love and the money will follow”
“all business is personal”
design as facilitator not just a “stuff maker”
“we are all creative idiots”

I made some great connections that I hope to utilize in the near future.

Oh yeah… I won the poster competition too



  1. Congratulations on winning the poster competition! I didn’t get a chance to hear Tonkinwise either.. I like that idea of UNdesigning things. A similar point came up during a chat at COINs2010 about “considering what we are already sustaining and ought not be” — always interesting to flip/extend definitions into a new perspective. Do you have a hi-res of your poster available online? Maybe on another post?

  2. Thanks!
    I don’t have the poster posted but I certainly will do that. I still owe you an email with the seasonality chart. Ooops. On it.

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