Cultural Theory.

So I’m taking this class this quarter…
ANTH 701 Global Cultural Theory
and while it’s intense, it is also really good. I guess I have a love/hate relationship right now. The main thing is the topic/professor’s ability to provide an entirely new view of everything. In reality it’s several new views (new to me anyway), but none of which I have ever been exposed to before. While mostly they aren’t exactly encouraging views, they provide a new insight to how and why the world operates the way it does. I would compare it too the Applied Theories in Sustainability class I took. Whole new way of viewing the world and sometimes rather discouraging, but the more you know the more power you have.

I would encourage anyone at SCAD to take the class and I hope to further expand on these insights as I develop my thesis topic. The first issue is to understand the user group focus and the implications of choosing certain groups based on age, gender, class, etc.

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