Cameron Sinclair.

Not trying to step on toes, but in my opinion the profession of design is perhaps one of the more elitist professions in the developed world. Designers in general have godlike complexes and assume that if they design it, it must be perfect and therefore everyone should love it. Something certainly needs to change and I believe small pockets of change are occurring. Such as, tonight Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity spoke at the SCAD Student Center. I love what he is doing and believe it is the direction designers need to move towards. One of his many mottos is “No Ego, No Logo.” Meaning if you agree to sponsor a project as a large corporate sponsor there will be no logo left on the project demonstrating that involvement. The projects are designed collaboratively with the community and the community builds it, therefore it belongs to the community. The communities here in the States need to do the same. Learning to work with the community as collaborators creates “generational sustainability.”

“build communities not destinations.”
– Cameron Sinclair.

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