Shifting directions.

Not so much shifting as expanding and moving a little further from the material acquisition phase towards the materials reuse and market phase. After another meeting with Ramsey at Southern Pine and discussions with Scott Boylston of Emergent Structures it has become clear that the greater need is towards the actual reuse of materials.

Therefore my new working title is:
Creative Material Reuse through a Community Co-op Workshop, Training and Marketplace.

Savannah is a community of creative individuals, including and excluding SCAD as a source. Many of these individuals long for and need equipment and space resources as well as a community for critical feedback and motivation.

I’ve also been spending some time with a group called Wooden Sheep that is developing their own live/work for sustainable design/build. They are developing community connections through their shop and building on these connections daily. I got involved by providing necklaces for sale in the shop and then asking if they needed help (as I noticed they were still a work in progress).

I hope to continue developing these connections and build on them through the thesis process and of course after completion. Who knows maybe I’ll be an entrepreneur after all…

I’m open to and looking for any and all thoughts on this direction. Thanks!

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