Time to get serious.

A long LONG over-due task… schedules.
Schedule for the rest of my classes at SCAD and a schedule for the rest of this quarter. It’s already mid-quarter… whoa when did that happen?? It’s always amazing how fast time disappears. I could try to finish in the Fall but I’ve decided to stretch it out until Winter 2012 so I can maintain my community involvement with USGBC-Emerging Professionals, Forysth Farmers’ Market, Emergent Structures, Wooden Sheep… and all the extra volunteering that catches my interest.

So updates.
* I submitted an Abstract for Decon’11 that will be in New Haven, Connecticut in May. I haven’t heard back yet so not sure about that. Once I hear one way or the other I will post the Abstract for comments. I plan to attend either way. A little ‘family’ reunion will be in order.
* Leslie and I will be presenting a past project at the [Un]disciplined conference in 2 weeks. I’m also excited that my sister will be getting into town right before so she’ll get to see.
* I’m preparing for my MFA review to continue on in the program. I’m not 100% sure what happens if they should decide I can’t?
* Main goal… WRITE the PROSPECTUS! oh and finalize committee. Most importantly write, write, WRITE. I’ve done a lot of the read, read, read already.

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