Oh Yikes.

Just received an email that my abstract to present at Decon’11 in New Haven Connecticut May 15-19 was accepted. I’m not sure if I’m more excited or more freaked out now. Either way… wow I need to get busy on that. I’m open to any comments, suggestions, advice, etc.

This is what I submitted for the abstract:

Creative Material Reuse through a Community Co-op Workshop, Training and Marketplace

As awareness and technical understanding of deconstruction have gained momentum, there exists a need to diversify material potential on the production side and develop efficiency of process flow from deconstruction to mainstream markets. By combining several personal interests with current problems, I will develop a system or series of systems to contribute to the economic and resource management for the sustainable future of Savannah with potential of duplication in similar communities. Through exploring the reclamation process of materials, from deconstruction to reuse to consumer market, it is important to nurture the creative community that will provide meaning and awareness to the public markets through innovative projects. The opportunity to leverage creatives and link them with unused resources allows reclaimed materials to become the foundation for a co-operative workshop and materials marketplace. This also allows the creative community to cultivate their skills while developing the skills of others through outreach classes. Such demonstrations will factor towards removing the stigma associated with reusing ‘waste’ materials. Through combining material reclamation, material reuse, and a creative community, innovative startups will receive the incubation time, equipment, space resources, and business mentorship necessary to succeed while providing local jobs to skilled citizens.

One comment

  1. Nice! Congratulations on getting accepted! Sounds like your concept would make a nice startup incubator or community development consultancy.. something a progressive municipality should consider funding as well. Best of luck!

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