My professor tells us and demonstrates this lesson constantly, but for some reason I still struggle with taking the first steps:

You can’t wait to get people involved until you figure everything out… you will never have it all figured out, and even if you think you have it all figured out everything is bound to change through implementation. This of course relates to ‘actions speak louder than words’. Talking and writing will only get you so far… it’s time to get examples and projects going to learn what can’t be figured out through research. Of course I still have to finish writing my prospectus anyway, but the act of engaging in a real project will provide a tangible element to the process that is encouraging and energizing.

This quote from Donella Meadows (Thinking in Systems) is appropriate:

Getting models out into the light of day, making them as rigorous as possible, testing them against the evidence, and being willing to scuttle them if they are no longer supported is nothing more than practicing the scientific method – something that is done too seldom even in science, and is done hardly at all in social science or management or government or everyday life (Meadows 2008).

I’m developing a project proposal for a studio class next quarter. Crossing my fingers to get a professor interested in the project, the proposed construction mentors interested, and the proposed construction apprentices interested. That’s a lot of people to convince/inspire, but the client is super motivating and open-minded. Who wouldn’t want to work on this project? I know I’m being a little vague on what this project is, but I don’t want to reveal it just yet (in case it doesn’t go).

I’m also wrapping up my MFA review presentation for Friday morning. I get 10 minutes to convince a group of professors that have never met me that I’m learning what I need to be learning in order to continue on in the program. Might need to cross my fingers again.

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