Competition / Event Media.

Just want to post all the media articles that have been written about the event surrounding the auction of the Competition Entries.

First annual Design & Build competition underway by Janay Kingsberry

Savannah Tech students build doghouse for Humane Society auction

Business, art community collaborate for RE:FEST By Larissa Allen

This Saturday: Bands to support sustainability and more By Bill DeYoung

Savannah Magazine City Seens


And some great blogs: by Scott Boylston

Breaking News: Eagles Tear Apart House to Save Cats and Dogs! by Scott Boylston

Fundraising with the Humane Society by Scott Boylston

Savannah Unplugged by Bill Dawers

First Annual Design & Build Competition for Dog Houses and Cat Structures by Footprint Savannah


  1. thanks for posting this!! nice to see so many links for the one event!

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