Writing to write.

A little writing to help with writing… or something like that.

I’ve actually been writing a lot about the meaning of sustainability recently for my prospectus, but I’d like to just focus on what it means to me and my life. When we look at all the global elements/factors/issues the thought of making a difference through our own actions seems overwhelming and completely impossible. While no single action on our part will change the big picture we have to remember no single action from anyone anywhere will magically change the big picture. The entire system has gotten off course and continues to create more problems. Problems that everyone believes they can solve individually without first understanding all the consequences one ‘solution’ creates. For me the key is awareness. The more people become aware of the effects specific choices make the more rapidly a paradigm shift will occur. The problem is making the outcomes of specific choices more clear without all the time consuming research involved every time you want to purchase a product (at least until companies become more conscious themselves, chicken-egg problem). A lot of information is out there now, but making personal changes can be challenging and some people need support and motivation to feel confident in shifting their beliefs, practices and routines. I have found it easier to make changes when I have other friends interested as well. While it shouldn’t always be about ‘fitting-in’, straying too far from the norm can have its own consequences and actually lead to people losing any interest at all.

Thoughts from anyone on this?


  1. Dear Charisse, my like-minded sustainable friend-
    I too have been thinking long and hard about sustainability lately, and when I do voice my opinion to others, it usually ends in a screaming match, and while that may seem discouraging, to me it signifies passion and passion often leads to revolutionary changes. I do also like your comment about being aware of the impact our intended “solutions” may have on others and our environment. This may seem far-fetched, but just because we’ve found a way to make accessories from trash (lunch bags from capri sun), does this give companies incentives to keep producing waste?? While I LOVE and am grateful for the creative entrepreneurs that are driving these innovations, it’s time for big business to take responsibility as well. And lastly, we must all be conscious not to impose knowledge on others, but rather to provide incentives and new avenues for change to occur…yay for designers!

    • Thank you.
      Absolutely agree… it shouldn’t just be about re-using the waste we generate but the need to re-duce the waste as well.
      And yes we can argue with some people until we pass-out and that’s not going to get us anywhere (a lesson I am learning). While the facts and research are there and valid it will take more than that for a lot of people.
      I’m also finding it’s nice to focus on the positives more often, otherwise it’s just depressing. 🙂

  2. There are more of you and us than you may realise. Many people are aware; many fewer have the courage to act on their convictions. Don’t ever give up on acting on what you know to be good, right and true.

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