I realized it would make sense to add a separate post and include the poster Kelly made for the project we are working on for the entire year. While these two topics have no direct connection to my thesis I still believe they are important topics.

POSTER Food Partners Click Here

POSTER less365 Click Here

“Three graduate students at the Savannah College of Art and Design began a project in July 2010 where we will each donate, sell, recycle, re-gift, repurpose, or [if we must] discard one thing every day for a year. While we each have our own reasons for participating in this project, as a whole it is because we see the adverse effects consumerism has on our lives, the environment, and our economy. This is our demonstration against it. We have been documenting our experience and below you can see the first 225 things we have collectively donated [you can follow our journey at]. With this small daily act we can learn to live with less, and can all begin to lead simpler, more sustainable, healthier lives.”

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